Completion Solutions


SlipXtreme is the new standard to the downhole product milling market and a revolutionary answer to isolation drill out and operational efficiency. For years, the SLIPSTREAM® technology has been the industry’s leading hybrid cutting technology, designed for milling applications across various downhole environments. As the newest generation design, the SlipXtreme delivers the highest standards in reliability and improved milling performance while extending the limits of what’s possible for customer well economics

Designed as a Solution Drill Bit:

  • Hybrid cutting structure perfectly designed for milling
  • 3rd generation journal seal design for ultimate seal protection
  • Unique shirttail design for maximizing bit stability
  • Ultra premium performance for a balanced cost

Completions Drillout Products


Specifically designed to target non-homogeneous downhole components.



Industry’s leading hybrid roller cone, designed for milling applications across various downhole environments.

Workover Bits

Industry leading steel teeth roller cone bits for re-entry and remedial operations.


The Industry’s Standard Measurement Tool for Frac Plug Cuttings

Casing Tubing Cable Protectors


Casing and tubing cable protector designed to fit over the coupling to convey and secure cables and control lines in and out of well bores safely and efficiently.